Spiritual Coaching
When we choose to live as if our lives are linked with the destiny of the entire planet, we weave ourselves back in the Web of Creation.  The threads, that unite us are woven by our sense of self-worth, and tied together by the love that finds something worthy and precious in all beings and things. 
(from In Search of Balance Discovering Harmony in a Changing World by John Robbins & Ann Mortifee)
The path to your success lies in the quality of connection that you make to your own inner game.  Spiritual Coaching embraces tools to keep you focused on your own path to success by:
  • Creating a dream that inspires you.
  • Defining the Vision.
  • Being In Action
  • Trusting
  • Living In The Perfection 
  • Creating Joy and Love through living
  • Developing Inner peace
  • Restoring vitality and well-being
  • Being fulfilled
When we live believing that life is meaningless, our experience of ourselves becomes less loving, less joyful, less alive.  Our bodies feel less vital. Our attitude has a dampening affect on those around us, and we feel robbed or our sense of purpose and pleasure.

Why Do I Need A Coach to Support Me Spiritually?

A coach is a friend, guide and mentor.  You may already have all the facts, but who in your life really:

  • Supports you in being irresistibly attractive and moves with you when the Universe gives you what you want?
  • Provides unconditional support when you finally decide to take those steps through the lessons of life?
  • Assists you in developing a healthy personal foundation?
  • Reminds you that "You Are At Choice" 100% of time for everything in your life and supports you in moving toward the choices that are the best For You?
  • Is concerned enough to keep you focused on your integrity, needs and then your wants?
  • Will, no matter what, tell you the truth, Always!
  • Show you how to create your life to be effortless, simple and rewarding?
  • Learn how to become a fully integrated human being?
  • Be as a beacon, a headlamp and the one person who will make sure you stay on task?
  • Advocate for you to remove all of the barriers, blocks and resistance, so you can be free!
  • Place you, and your desires as the #1 priority, next to extreme-self care that is?
  • Five Reason for Working With A Spirituality Coach
    • Peace
    • Ease
    • Bliss
    • Attraction
    • Success

    Signs that You Have Significantly Raised the Level of Your Life - Spiritually Speaking

    • You attract spiritual people who want to spend more, more time with you.
    • You donít proselytize.
    • You are calm and peaceful and express unconditional love appropriately.
    • You experience bliss and grace regularly, not just during meditation or a great prayer meeting.
    • Otherís notice extraordinary aspects about you and comment on things like the brightness in your eyes, or feelings of warmth and appreciation when they are around you.
    • You know you are unconditionally loved, always.
    • You know the present is perfect.
    • You trust in the divine timing and listen to your intuition to lead you in the right direction for you.
    • You know who you really are.
    If on the other hand, we live believing that our every thought, word, and deed does in fact make a difference, then our lives can become touched by the extraordinary.  We have more health, joy and laughter.  We feel brighter, more connected, and others feel more enriched in our company.

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