Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Experience the Benefits of Success Coaching for your Business Endeavor

Experience a deep immersion into the possibilities of a business without stress and filled with opportunities for creative expression. Business Coaching provides one of the greatest opportunities to focus on releasing what stresses you and find creative ways to solve your business concerns. We will embark on an exploration of reducing the personal costs of your business, while increasing the opportunities to bring your business to the next level that is tailored to your specific desires. One of the benefits is allowing yourself to reach deeper to find the gifts of your enterprise, while expanding the business in ways that are uniquely aligned with your vision and abilities.

Business Coaching is often conducted in the manner that works well for your business and lifestyle. We can establish the desired outcomes and then set either daily, weekly or biweekly strategy and coaching sessions. Throughout our coaching relationship we will focus on the specific ingredients that can be honed or developed, while integrating a deeper understanding of how you are creating and generating your business. We will use a combination of business applications and useful tools that are specifically unique to your business. Over the course of our sessions together you will experience many shifts, changes and opportunities, while cultivating the type of business you are really passionate about. During our coaching sessions physical changes may be your guide to an enduring vision of the expression of your creative delivery of services in the marketplace. This experience of creativity within your business is one element of your sessions. Within our coaching, you will learn how to accomplish a deeper realization of your business passion, beyond all the practical applications. A distinctive quality of the business you conduct is connected to the deeper understandings you cultivate in your relationships. This knowledge brings opportunities to develop qualities that are very inspiring to your life work as well as your business growth.

Location: Telephone Coaching is conducted in sessions that work for your business flow.

Coaching can be delivered in regular monthly sessions, or prorated on a time per use basis.

Visit my strategic business partner to develop new business markets, redesign / re-engineer your business or build new business ideas through creative brainstorming.

Business Coaching Experience
Becky Haugen has developed much of her business coaching experience from insights received in over 15 years of professional business experience. She has integrated this knowledge with the teachings she has received from the mentors, coach training, and coaches who have demonstrative wisdom in business enterprises. She has developed a good balance of practical and spiritual teaching to bring a new perspective to the business alliance. She uses the practical applications of the technology of business, as well as nontraditional approaches to create business from a visionary understanding of self in business and in the world at large. Her expertise allows her to work in many areas, without limiting the knowledge to a specific form or design. Her clients have developed trust in her coaching and as well as a desire to become both externally and internally inspired in their decisions, desires and actions for business attainment.

For enrollment & information e-mail me . An initial coaching consultation is available.

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