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Isn’t Education Just About Taking Classes?

Education and continuing education is one of the essential tools in today’s society.  Life long learning is the only way to stay competitive in the job market.  Your future in the work place depends on your ability to have a relentless drive, to update credentials, acquire new skills, and stay abreast of what is happening in your field.  Today many adults are returning to school to complete higher education goals for career or personal fulfillment. Whether you are a student, a parent, or a future student, there are essential components of education that you need to pay attention to.  Now if it was only that easy!

Have You Ever Been Faced With Any of These Situations?

  • Sent chasing after your own tail through the layers of administration to find an answer to a question?
  • Given inaccurate information and found yourself registering for the wrong classes?
  • Found out after the fact that you qualified for financial support?
  • Spent hours with a counselor, only to find out at graduation that you missed one class?
  • Spent multiple semesters in school with no idea what you are going to do when you graduate?
  • Missed out on opportunities because “nobody” told you?
Wishing will not bring success, but planning, persistence and a burning desire will.  There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract all the necessary ingredients.  Success is an Attitude.  Get Yours Right!

Educational Coaching Will Assist You To
  • Clearly define your career goals and link these with your educational curriculum.
  • Assist you in creating balance between all of the multiple roles you are responsible for fulfilling.
  • Learn to ask for what you need, and get your needs met
  • Establish healthy boundaries and standards.
  • Develop a clear game plan for your life.
  • Remove the leaks that are zapping you of your own greatness.
  • Learn to manage your life without the adrenaline rush.

Your time, money and energy is too important to be spent, spinning in a maze of ineffectiveness.  As a student or a parent of a student it is critical that you request the most of the institution to provide you everything that is needed for your success.

The Path Way To Successful Academics Begins Here

Your educational future is in your hands, and it is completely up to you to make it work for you or against you.  One of the tools we will explore together is the Educational Excellence Program.

  • Personal Balance   -designing the strong person
  • High Productivity - focused tools to bring out your best, all of the time
  • Self Management - keeping yourself on track
  • Communication - advancing your skills
  • Healthy Boundaries - speaks for itself
  • Quality Work - 100% is just the beginning
  • Take Initiative - staying ahead of the curve
  • Teach “Up” - coach your teacher to mentor you.
  • Team Work - work effortlessly with others!
  • Career Path - designing you career
It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen!  Choose to demonstrate the brilliance of your rainbow! 

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