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Professional Affiliation Links

Denver Coach Federation is a great group of Denver Based Coaches who bring a diverse group of skills to the Denver Area. Check out their on-line directory of coaches! Denver Coach Federation

Do you need some more information about coaching, and the coaching community?  Visit our very own Coach University.  This site is filled with wonderful “free stuff” and coaching wisdom.  Visit often, this web site is as expansive as its coaches are!
Alliance of Professional Consultants in Colorado offer credentialing and professional monthly meetings.
Boulder Writer's Association provides networking for writers and leads to professional writers for technical and professional writing.

Internet Coaching & Support..  Do you need some expert support on the Internet? Visit Elana at Solutions On-line where she shares her adventures and heart warming stories and talent. On-line Solutions is a tremendous Internet resource to the new Internet explorer or the advanced surfer who just needs a friend and on-line support.

Uplifting Sites

Visit the Boulder Healer's Association, a dedicated group of practioners in various venues.

Solara has been a long time friend & companion on the path. Visit often & Please send support, her surf reports are invaluable! Solara's Invisible

A New Spiritual Online Magazine. Myra & the light workers have created a new twist of inspiration and sharing of great vibrations. Heart Links

And if you still need some peace & harmony and resources in your life, be sure to visit Harmony Central and r e l a x... Harmony Central

Russell Alexander has created a wealth of materials to inspire.  Do you need an affirmation, a story of up lifting or just a gentle place to browse? Russell provides everything from meditation, to music in his Rainbow Garden.
Story Bin

Are in you in the mood for some healing or holistic tools?  Karinya offers a wide variety of tools and resources for the spiritually minded. Karinya also offers some materials helpful for the new millennium

Business Sites
Business Visioning and some great ideas for new business markets can be found with the expertise of Drop the strategist an e-mail or visit Brain-Trusts to see what they can bring to your business.

Need some computer tools, web hosting, e-mail, ISP or basic computer consulting?  Jay is the computer consultant for you.  Visit him and his valuable resources at Creative Computer Consulting.

Had your dose of humor, coffee or horoscope today?  Catch the  latest Business News at the Idea Café.  Get the latest from Rhonda as you fine-tune your small business and financial skills.

Are you interested in home offices?  Paul and Sarah Edwards provide wonderful tips and information for the Home Office at their Home Works Site.

Success Magazine for the success minded entrepreneur.  This site has great tools and information to move you toward your own great success.

Client Links

Here are some of my client's Internet sites.  Each site is a unique expression of the individuals in the business and represent their interests in design, logo and layout. Each web client is coached to maximize their web presence.

Bill Brooks, CPA
Biological Solutions
Bubbling Springs Acupuncture
Dakota Cabins Rentals
Design to Success
Earth Wisdom Ways
Foot of The Mountain Motel  
Leadership Dynamics
Learning Virtually
Next Level Services
Portfolio Group, Inc.
Preferred Printing
Rickie Hall's Speaker's Bureau  
Swan Scents
Whole Heart Coaching

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