Winter A Time for Personal Renewal

With the blessings of the great bear of the starry heavens and the deep and fruitful earth, we call upon the powers of the north. From Druid Ceremony

Traditionally, winter is a time for deep introspection. Like bear we are encouraged to hibernate, go within and reach the deeper elements of ourselves by spending time in the quiet stillness of winter. The cycle of nature reminds us that winter is a time for self-reflection of what has been while we gather reserves of self-awareness and look forward to what is yet to come in the spring. We are inspired to be in a mode of silence under the night sky where we are filled with the possibilities of healing, renewal and deeper personal introspection.

When we begin to acknowledge the cycle of nature and work in harmony with the natural cycles we more closely integrate the learnings from the past year. We find stillness allows us to reflect on all of our experiences, how it has furthered our growth and brought us to be who we are in this moment. We glean self-knowledge to transcend our own limitations and regain our sense of priorities for our future as we plan for the seeds we will plant in the new cycle. We find a soft and gentle awareness that allows us to balance our own energies with the natural cycles of renewal and rebirth.

In the winter months remember what this time is really about. We can use the winter solstice as a time for acknowledging all we have accomplished in this year and all that we have traversed in the myriad of experiences we can now understand and see with clarity that comes from that stillness within. We can bring greater presence to the inspirations and aspirations of our desires. And we can find, like bear, the internal world that brings us greater intuition and self-knowledge as we finish one cycle in preparation for the new.

As you traverse the days of winter find time to honor your own need for silence, greater self-understanding and renewal. Discover the parts of yourself that require some healing and allow yourself the time and focus to bring this into your life. Allow the past hurts and woundings to be your teachers as you release them to the elemental fire to be transformed. Winter is a time of wonderment, great blessings and personal self-transformation. Allow yourself to visit the deeper space of self-understanding and bring your own light back into your awareness. Through the silence of winter you can regain the peace that resides within.

May your winter be a time of great beauty, wonderment and fulfillment.

Love & Life ~

Becky Haugen is a Success Coach who helps clients to succeed, find balance and create fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

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