About Me, Becky Haugen, Success Coach

Becky Haugen has over fifteen years of experience designing, developing and implementing coaching to build the structures that supports people's lives or their businesses. Becky is a Professionally Certified Coach, a Graduate of Coach University and has been actively coaching clients since 1996. As a teacher, life advocate and business owner she has the tools and skillfulness to coach clients to succeed, find balance and create fulfillment in all areas of their lives and business.

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I bring to coaching over fifteen years of successfully working with people:

to find and have fun with their personal goals 

to progress in finding joy in their lives 

to bring clarity to the decision making processes 

to enhance personal and professional relationships 

to find choice where none seemed to exist 

to free them from the limitations of the past  


You, the great human that you are.

Understanding and appreciative of the value of working with a partner. 

Willing to change, experiment, play and experience. 

Coaching Does Not Work Well With People Who 

Want or need the degree of institutional and traditional support that a conventional therapist offers. 

Have difficulty maintaining faith or trust in themselves and in others. 


Requests I Make Of My Clients

  Tell me what you're facing and what you need. 

Share your wins. 

Update me on your goals. 

Tell me how you've changed/upgraded your life. 

Use me as your colleague. 

Tell me how you've grown; lessons learned. 

Tell me how you've created more of what you want for yourself. 

Tell me how are you making more money? 

Tell me how you've helped others benefit. 

Share what must be handled immediately? 

Tell me how you have set things straight and recovered your integrity. 

Tell me how you have enhanced your health. 

Is it time to do something big?  Please share that with me. 

Let me know what you would like from me. 

Make suggestions of how I might serve you better. 

Types Of Clients I Work With 

People: men and women who are changing and want someone in their life to share and grow with.

Educators, Students; Nontraditional. 

Career & Life Development. 


Consultants: trainers, facilitators 

Professionals: all aspects 

Managers: all levels 

Artistic people: writers, painters, photographers, actors, etc. 

Leaders: CEOs, executives 

Notes from The Coach

There is a lot of “overuse” of the word Success, and we as a society still use this word to measure ourselves.  Success Coaching integrates the best of the discipline of the successful individual, the drive and motivation to live life differently, but embraces living a fulfilling life. My motto is: “Success Is Being At Peace With Yourself.”  Now if only life were really that plain and simple! But, life can be exactly that simple. That is why people like me, have chosen the coaching profession, to assist all people to create and lead the life they were meant to lead. So, how do you make that shift or transition from doing things that are less than what you know you want for yourself? You do it one step at a time, all of the time! Sorry, there is not easy fix, but the most successful people are willing to take all of the steps, to be completely dedicated and focused on themselves and move from where they are, to where they really want to be, right now!

I’ve had some people say, “well, you know, I’m already doing that stuff, I’ve been into spirituality, or personal achievement, or that success stuff for years.” And my response is, yes, but what have you done lately? What are you focused on right this moment to get you to the next place? Do know what the next place or level is for you? I’m not here to tell you “how” to live your life, I’m here to support you in “the living” of your life! I think we all have room to grow and develop and it does not have to be a lonely road, we can do it with a support team and make our tasks much less effort, and much, much more joyful! ?

As a coach, I love to support you, to become your very best, for you. I commit to provide you the unconditional support to attain your goals or mastery in any level of life. I want for you to set your own standards, to be happy, and truly successful. I want, what you want for You.

Coaching Memberships & Designations

I have completed training through Coach University and the International Coaching Federation. The following logos and designations have been earned as a result of the successful completion of the training and requirements.

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    Love & Life,


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