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The Y2K Social Implications

Dear Friends,

You are receiving this newsletter early because of the time-sensitive aspect of my message. I just spent 4 days at a university here in Boulder, at a conference that was covering the potential effects of 'Y2K', the 'Millenium Bug', the 'Year 2000 crisis'.

I had heard of this impending phenomenon and dismissed it back to the technological/computer community. At the time I did not realize the social implications for my community and myself. My plan here, now, is to share with you what I've learned and to supply you with resources, throughout this issue, so that you can explore this for yourself. My intention is to awaken, not to alarm. However, it is imperative that we don't delay reading the material and acting upon it. There is time to be prepared if you start now.

All the computers, globally, have not been programmed to accept the 00 digits of the next century----At different parts of 1999, different systems may fail. The US military expects to have its computers at 45% effectiveness by 2000. Health and Human Services have not started to make their computers systems 2000 compliant. Every system needs to be re-done. The computer people have known for 15 years, at least, about this problem, but were unable to impress upon businesses and governments the importance of dealing with this. Hence, we are 14 months from 2000 and computer technicians are frantically trying to save the computer systems of our world from crashing in this next time period.

The metaphor goes like this (a la Jim Lord). If I give you a shoe box full of marbles, a can of polish and a rag and ask you to polish the marbles and give them back to me in 3 days this is do-able. If I take you to the edge of the Grand Canyon with that same cloth and polish and show you the marbles filling the Grand Canyon, and ask you to have that same job done in 3 days…. This is the task at hand from the computer technicians point of view.

Then it is up to us to look at the different aspects of our own lives that are governed by computers. When we look at our water flow through the pipes to our house, computers regulate the flow. The electric grids and natural gas are regulated the same way and all of our utilities; the oil rigs with microchips embedded in the inaccessible underwater and underground parts of the rig are also noncompliant. We begin to look at food ordering and trucking, gasoline, and traffic light systems. We look at railroads. One of the problems right now is that most people aren't even aware that there is something going on that will affect them directly. Affect them and their neighborhoods.

No country has a comprehensive plan to make all their major systems compliant, nor contingency plans for the failure of these essential systems. Many of my readers are friends from Mary Summer Rain's books, and have looked at the possibility of earth changes and the resulting need to take personal responsibility and help each other. For some reason, even without the earthquakes and massive floods, we are being directed to prepare. Individual preparedness and then community preparedness, neighborhood by neighborhood, is mandatory. It is not about running to the hills with food, cash and a gun. That is self-interest alone. It is about downloading information from the Internet, getting together with friends now, to discuss the possibilities. And then it is gently approaching your neighbors and letting them know who you are and what you're finding very interesting. And suggesting it may interest them as well. It may take some time before others may want to even think about what you've shown them. That is as it must be. But like the Ant and the Grasshopper, you must prepare your own nest for yourself and your family, and with some to share for the grasshoppers.

With this situation, there is a fairly definite time frame, not some nebulous space of time. Jim Lord, (24 yr. Naval Officer, business degree, working with systems design and software engineering) has even suggested the beginnings of systems breakdown in 1999. His statistics are that 84% of major systems are missing the Y2K milestone, 55% of local cities don't realize it's a problem. There is no definite estimate of the repercussions. There has never been a Global Technological Failure before. He suggests reviewing external dependencies, finding alternatives to the critical suppliers, and developing contingency plans. Form committees in your neighborhoods to question local governments on their preparedness and contingency plans. Several people on a committee will be received, where a single person may not be. This whole scenario is pulling us back into real community, real relationships with the people we live next to, and may not even know their names.

Educate yourself in food storage, water storage, and emergency home preparedness. Invite neighbors to a pot luck and show a video from Jim Lord, or the video and audio taped sessions from the conference "Year 2000 Computer Problem; Public Awareness & Preparedness Seminar" which I attended on August 20 - 23, '98, in Boulder, CO. Use it as a focus of discussion. One exercise for a group is to make a list of the things you need electricity for (heat, thermostats, fans, electric-starting gas range, microwave, home security system, refrigerator, etc.). Which would have the most impact upon each family. Prioritize, then proceed with lists of telecommunication areas, water, sanitation, emergency services. Take a first aid course. Go to an advanced session if you know the basics. Take your kids. Everyone should know CPR. Have a home emergency kit. Talk to doctors of people who are on prescription medication. Talk to hospitals. Dont let them put you off.

Then we come to the psychology of preparedness. Mentally preparing yourself is very important. Prepare for the worst. Imagining the worst does not make it so. Let your imagination run wild one day and see the worst. Then if it happens, you're okay. You need to be the person others can depend upon. Your children will sense your fear and worry. If you're mentally prepared, others can count on you. Stay healthy. Eat well and get lots of exercise.

Individual preparedness is for those who CAN. Community preparedness is for those who CAN'T. Those who can, help those who can't (differently abled, aged, poor). Seniors will find this overwhelming, feeling mentally and physically unable to prepare. We need to help them. Help increase their security. Children are great resources to check up on elderly neighbors, even several times a day. Talk to children up front, matter-of-fact. Let them see the opportunity to work together. Listen to their ideas. Then begin to contemplate how your neighborhood can share resources with them. Share your resources with them. Write to your senators and congress people. Get Started Now. Be active, not driven. Work through your fears and anger. This is the collapse of the American dream that allowed the 'haves' to control the 'have-nots' - We are entering a new time. A time of equality for everyone. We're all in this together.

Keep your mind open. Stay open, even if others don't hear you. Honor diversity. What are you, as an individual, willing to do, to make community happen? Become who you know yourself to be.



P. S. If you have health and dental insurance, get your health care needs met now.

The Y2K Resources
C. Crane Co. -(1-800-522-8863)
This catalog has hand-crank radios & lanterns; alternative equipment.

Real Goods Catalog -
966 Mazzoni St., Ukiah, CA 95483 (1-800-762-7325). Alternative products. Has book - "Cooking with the Sun @ $9.95.

Jade Mountain Catalog
- $5. 717 Poplar Ave., Boulder, Co. 80304 (303) 449-6601. Alternative products. e-mail -

"A Survival Guide for the Year 200 Problem" by Jim Lord.
A 200 page consumers guide to preparation for the year 2000 computer crisis. $29.99 + $3 postage. 1-888-925-2555

WeBeOne - Video & audio tapes from "Year 2000 Conference"
Aug. '98 at Boulder, CO. 4450 Arapahoe Ave., Ste. 100, Boulder, CO 80303. (303) 448-8838. e-mail - Ask for list of speakers and prices.

Boulder Year 2000 (Y2K) Community Preparedness Group
2525 Arapahoe Ave., Ste. E4-511, Boulder, CO 80302. (303) 939-8463, Ext. 5.

"Awakening: The Upside of Y2K" - Edited by Laddon, Atlee & Shook.
$10 +$3 shipping. The Printed Word, 4327 S. Perry St., Spokane, WA 992033. (509) 624-3177. A compilation of articles on Y2K, community, government & possibilities. Also through

Deserrette Publications in Salt Lake City, Utah, have Home Preparedness Books.

Call any Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) in your area - You can order bulk food through them. They have price lists and canneries to help you seal and store bulk food items, & can help you find info for Home Emergency Preparedness.

Emergency Essentials - (1-801-222-9596).
Utah mail order catalog from the Morman community.


2 hr. video, Jim Lord and Paloma O'Riley, Medford, OR. 5/98. A look at the computer glitch crisis and the global & personal ramifications,. Excellent! Available through Solstice Institute, 302 Pearl St., Boulder CO 80302, (303) 939-8463

Available through WE BE ONE are the following:
"What is the Millennium Bug?" and "Personal Finance" by Jim Lord.

"Y2K Impacts on Health Care" by Joel Ackerman

"Role of City & County Governments" by Steve Davis

"Community Planning Approaches for Y2K" by Margaret Wheatley.

These were all keynote speakers at the Y2K conference at Boulder, CO in August. Video and Audio tapes of the Breakout Sessions, including topics on individual and community preparedness, neighborhood organizing, etc. will soon be available. Contact WeBeOne at their address above.
Audio tapes are $9.95 and Videos are $19.95, plus shipping.

For those of you who have subscribed, thank you. This newsletter will continue to be a source of updated information on Y2K and other pertinent issues. For those of you who haven't subscribed, please do so. ($15 for a one year subscription, printed 4 times a year, or more as events dictate). This is my last mass mailing. The costs are prohibitive. Donations are being accepted for printing and distributing costs to get this information out.

Astrology Column ~ Jyoti Wind

We enter October with a desire for freedom, self-expression and humanitarian pursuits. Creative, artistic endeavors are favored as is working or cooperation and harmony in our relationships. However, all month Mars is asking for transformation in its dance with Pluto. We are being asked to really discern - to look at our loyalties - to look at our respect issues. Ultimately, how do we honor the lives we have chosen to live. The New Moon on the 20th can give us insight into the personal and collective healing that's needed right now, however some illusions die hard. Make time to listen inside, quietly, serenely, while the circus rages outside. Ask inside for clarity. Begin anew to define your spiritual identity and integrity. Open to the healing that is very available in the latter half of October.

November begins on a note of adventure and potential transformation, with some frustration thrown into the mix. By the 3rd, at the Full Moon, some of the frustration is waning, and deep insight is available. Where does the status quo and organized thought end and our own hard-won philosophy begin. The new moon in Scorpio offers some incredible opportunities to remember our pioneering spirit, harness energy, and dig deep down for direction and purpose. Transformation is always the key work of Scorpio. Dive deep and fly high. On the 21st Mercury goes Retrograde again until Dec. 11, inviting us inward again. This sojourn suggests a re-evaluation of our compassion, where it may bemisplaced and also, appropriately focussed. What transpires in early November is the meat of our thinking through the end of December.

On November 27, Neptune reenters Aquarius, where it will be for the next year. Our collective humanity, who we are as a human family with many diverse members, is really the focus. Grassroots movements, equality, and community cohesiveness is the upside, along with wanting to live the ideal. The downside is not always knowing who's who. Charlatans abound. Be true to yourself and then truth in another is more discernible. November 29th, a very intense day.

The full Moon on Dec. 3 asks us to balance what we stand for and our responsibilities to those who rely on us. We're not asked to give up what we know to be true as much as find a way to create a win-win situation. Mercury goes direct on the 11th and spends about 2 weeks re-doing the events of late November. By the 29th we've begun to move on. The New Moon on the 18th of December affords us the luxury of creative perseverance and laying foundations for a new year ahead, in a fairly easy way. It's about taking pride in what we do and being willing to be the one who steps through the door into a new time. Happy New Year.

Oct.5;      Harvest Full Moon     2:12 PM (MDT)
Oct.20     New Moon     4:09 AM (MDT)
Nov. 3      Full Moon     10:18 PM (MST)
Nov. 18    New Moon     9:27 PM (MST)
Nov. 21    Mercury Retrograde   4:46 AM (MST)
Nov. 27    Neptune in Aquarius   6:08 PM (MST)
Dec. 3      Full Moon    8:19 AM (MST)
Dec. 10    Mercury Direct     11:29 PM (MST)
Dec. 18    New Moon    3:42 PM (MST)
Dec. 21    Winter Solstice &    6:57 PM (MST)
            Sun in Capricorn

Sit quietly, taking a few deep breaths. See yourself enter a house, going through a doorway. In the living room, in a chair, sits your Wise Person Self. A fire is blazing in the hearth. There's a warm beverage there beside a comfortable chair for you to sit down in, and relax. Have a conversation with the Old Wise Woman/Man and ask about the year ahead, what you can expect, and what you need to set in motion for yourself. Thank this Being that you will grow to be, and leave, returning to your present self. Contemplate the conversation.

Book and Music Reviews

Bless Me, Ultima - Rudolf Anaya.
Receiver of the national Chicano literary award, Anaya poetically brings us into the world of 6 yr. old Antonio, in New Mexico, as Ultima, the curandera, comes to live with his family. He learns of herbs and her magic as he learns Catholicism and the ways of the Church. Who will deliver his soul? Excellent.!

The Blackening Song - Aimee and David Thurlo.
A southwestern mystery in the tradition of Tony Hillerman. Ella Clah is an FBI agent who returns to the Navajo reservation because of the ritual murder of her father. Navajo culture and attitudes are explored amidst the storyline, bringing the ancient beliefs colliding with modern technology. Excellent read.

The Shadow King: The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back - Sidra Stone, Ph.D.
This wonderfully written book takes you into the world of the Inner Patriarch, that force in both women and men that chastens them, holds them back. You are led to see how this force works in your life to make you ashamed, defensive, victimized. Sidra also leads you to a place of being able to enlist the cooperation and support of this part, bringing a deeper personal sense of fulfillment and opening to success in your endeavors. Naraj Publishing, P.O.Box 2430, Mill Valley, CA 94942.

Healing with Music and Color: A Beginners Guide - Mary Bassano.
"My first book was written to present simple but very therapeutic ways to help our emotional, mental and physical self. We are truly spiritual beings - each with our own particular key note and color vibration which affects us all to some extent, depending on our own awareness of it. We can find our own basic color of this lifetime in various ways: perhaps doing a muscle test or using a pendulum. Or we might determine finding our color by first discovering our true, individual music tone; then by knowing its related color. The chart shows relationship of 7 main colors connecting music notes which can join together to give energy, upliftment and healing. The techniques of applying colors and related tones are all explained in this book It also includes a diagram of the body showing chakras with their 7 main colors. Also, the book mentions some suggested music which would be in line with specific colors. Many ways to work with others and/or for yourself are explained and suggested throughout. Enjoy!" ...Mary

Earth Prayers From Around the World: 365 Prayers, Poems & Invocations for Honoring the Earth - Contributors: Thich Nhat Hanh, Black Elk, Rig Veda, Margaret Atwood
; chants, offerings, songs.

Celtic Sacred Landscapes - Nigel Pennick.
Nigel delves into the mystery and lore behind the power of sacred trees and stones; springs and wells as places of healing; holy mountains, holy islands, and holy places of the Celtic saints. A gazetteer of sacred sites is included at the end of the book.

Beyond the Horizon - Connemara, Blix Street Music.
Celtic music to get your feet moving. 3 women singers, guitar, Celtic harp, fiddle, cello and guest musicians.

Women's Mysteries Abroad: A Spiritual Pilgrimage to France
A 30 minute excellent video of 16 women's pilgrimage to the Black Madonna sites in France. The photography and narration are wonderful, and each woman's story is uniquely her own, influenced by this experience. $24.95 + $3 postage. Women's Mysteries Tours, 1544 York St., Ste. #110, Denver, CO.

New From Jyoti
Monthly Astrological Updates
A personal daily look at monthly time frames in relation to your personal chart. We look at positive days for business, seeing clients, expanding; other days are better for personal business. Each month is $30. Send birth date, along with time and place of birth and the month of focus.

Last issue by distribution of mail without a subscription. For those who already have subscribed, Thank You. 1 year - $15

We will look at the year ahead from an astrological and mythical approach. On the eve of the millennium, what forces are at work, what opportunities are presenting themselves to help us enter this new century? $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. Will be available October, 1998. You can ORDER NOW.

Survival and Transformation in the Years Ahead - Explore the options and imperatives now upon us as the Y2K, Millennium Bug, begins to make itself known. Look at utility shutdowns as basic services cease; and the need for individual and community preparedness. Tape: $10 plus $3 shipping and handling.**Time Sensitive Material

We will look at the need to be prepared for earth changes, floods, computer crash of socially dependent systems in an 'How-to' environment. Alternative heat sources, solar ovens, resources for alternative products, basic and expanded food pantry for survival; what to store, what to sprout. Emergency kits and water storage. Community activation. Tape: $10 plus $3 shipping and handling.

Regression Tape. I will talk about past lives, how you can examine your present life for clues, and then I will lead you through a relaxation and mild 'journey into your past' experience. $10 plus shipping

Level I (6 classes) In this beginners' study of Astrology, I have covered the signs, planets, houses, aspects and asteroids. This course is sold as a set and comes with handouts from each live - taped class. Level II will be available in early 1998. $60 plus shipping.

Side 1: This is an introduction to the concepts of Shamanism, non-ordinary reality, power animals, the difference between a warrior shaman and a healer shaman, and the Three Worlds. Side 2: I will lead you through a journey experience. As the gatekeeper, I will show you the way in, and call you back at the end. No experience necessary. Resource and book list included for further exploration. $10 plus shipping.

2 tapes. Tape 1: This is an experiential workshop, put onto audio-tape form. Side 1: discussion of the shadow, what it is, how it shows up in our lives, personally and globally. Side 2: To the accompaniment of specific music, written for this experience, you can journey into your own underworld and retrieve and embrace the discarded, veiled pieces of yourself. I will guide you in, and call you back. Book list included. Tape 2: "The Dark Goddess" composed and performed by Harold Moses, for doing this journey on your own. $20 plus shipping.

I have been leading this ritual workshop in several areas of the U. S. for over four years, and it speaks to many people. Material for a book is being compiled from responses to this workshop. Feel free to contribute!

Starshine Essences Herbal Medicine Brochure
Herbal tinctures and salves to help restore balance to the body. Remedies for cold, flu, tension, high blood pressure, herbal iron and herbal calcium. Salves for general healing, arthritis, bed sores, hemorrhoids and infection.

Article Packet - Will contain pertinent articles from Jyoti regarding Y2K. For those not linked with internet. $5 to cover printing & mailing costs and time.

I hope to have a website up and running within the next 3 months, and it will have 'starshinenews' as part of its name. Check for updates.

"What you see reflects your thinking and your thinking but reflects your choice of what you want to see." ....A Course in Miracles

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