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Summer Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse/ Summer Solstice Overview

Astrology Insights

The energies continue to confront each one of us with our challenges to change and begin anew. This week we will come to terms with our life choices and the decisions to be in alignment, balance and harmony with our vision. The New Moon/Solstice on June 21st, will be in Cancer, allowing for new beginnings. Go within and discover the well-spring of your core being. Listen to your heart and move with the desires that bring you joy and fulfillment. This Summer Solstice brings us the opportunities of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, a chance to grow, learn and listen.

Animal Allies ~ Meadow Lark

Our little feathered friend is a summer ally sporting a bright yellow breast. Meadow Lark reminds us of a cheerful journey that can only be discovered by going deep within. Meadow Lark sings while it flies, something that we all could learn to experience more as we journey deeper into understanding our own heart's song. Use this time to explore and experience the joy of our own inner journey.


This month we've shifted from the usual format to embrace a deeper recognition of the cycles of life and the transitions that are part of the natural cycles. This week on June 21st we experience the usual summer energies, combined with a new moon and a solar eclipse. This time is a time for personal reflection, inner listening and a connection to the natural rhythms and transitions of our planet.

I've invited Jim Matheson of Earth Wisdom Ways to write for Pathway To Success in this special edition. In this edition Jim introduces the Earth Wisdom Ways Newsletter, a new quarterly mailing that will be available on-line. Jim is a gifted teacher of the Earth Wisdom Ways who provides inspiration and guidance to individuals who desire a deeper connection to living in harmony and connection with nature.


This is the first edition of a quarterly newsletter from the Earth Wisdom Ways. Earth Wisdom Ways is a center for learning the earth-centered awareness that is becoming an important part of the lives of many people. These individuals are realizing that the Earth is a single living being and the life upon it her children. The two-leggeds, (the humans), are only a part of all the creation that Earth nurtures. The Lakota people often speak of Mitakuye Oyasin, all my relations. They and other indigenous people believe that all living things come from the same Creator and all are related.

The Earth Wisdom Ways Newsletter and others that will follow are based on this earth- centered awareness. We will walk the Circle of Life together and see the significance of the "wisdom" of the elders, plants, birds, animals, and each other. Each direction will have a lesson for us. They will assist us along our path of self- discovery and how to become more of who we are.

The essence of the Circle of Life is movement and change. As we travel around the circle we learn to keep our lives in constant change and keep the life force beating within our hearts. Without change we become static and we cease to grow and learn about life.

We use the Circle of Life as a mirror to learn who we are and to see the changes we need to make for our lives. It shows us the importance of being grounded in all four directions before we are able to reach out for the things of the spirit.

Summer, the South Direction of the Circle
The time of growth and trust

Summer solstice is a significant time for many people. On June 21st the daytime hours are at a maximum in the Northern Hemisphere, and nighttime is at a minimum. It is officially the first day of summer.

Summer was a joyous time of the year for indigenous people. The snow had disappeared. The ground had thawed out and warm temperatures had returned.
The plants had returned and brought their leaves, blooms and fruit for harvesting. Some herbs had appeared to be harvested and prepared for medicinal and other uses. Leaves had returned to the trees to bring shade for protection from the sun and coolness from the heat of the summer days. Food was easier to find. The crops had been planted and would be harvested in the months to come.

The significance of the South direction is growth and trust. The season of summer brings rapid growth for all creatures of the Earth. It is a time to trust in the wisdom of the Earth because of this rapid growth and maturity. It is the time in human terms of young adulthood when the purposes of life we came with begin to become clear. This is the time to trust our feelings and intuitions.

This is the place where Grandfather Sun is the highest in the sky. The color is yellow because of the Sun's color at midday. Yellow is the color of intelligence, mental receptivity and natural wisdom.

The human aspect of spirit is found in this direction. This is the second of the four human aspects that we all have within ourselves. Each of these must be equally developed in a healthy, well-balanced individual. Spirit is our connection to all things. Developing this aspect is to see and understand our connection to each other, the plants, the trees, the animals and all the children of Earth no matter the form.

The south is a place where we learn sensitivity to the feelings of others. We also learn the capacity to express our feelings openly and freely in ways that do not hurt others.

Take time during these months of growth to connect with the aspects of nature that we take for granted each day. Look at the plants, trees, water, birds, and animals. Listen to what they have to tell you. Walk in beauty and balance upon the Earth.

Jim can be contacted by emailing jim@earthwisdomways.com 



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