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Edition Number 9 ~ PATHWAY TO SUCCESS ~ October, 1998
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"In the end we will conserve only what we love;
We will love only what we understand;
and we will understand only what we are taught"
Forwarded to me by the very beautiful Mary Ann (original source unknown)

COACHES NOTES Year 2000 & Y2K: Fear or Reality?

Have you noticed that the intensity of life has picked up and there appears to be an underlying fear about the close of this millennium? I have deliberately avoided the panic, chaos and apocalyptic fears that have run rampant in many streams of consciousness. All the same, I can no longer avoid the realities of the ill-programmed technological world I live in.

I and many around me have cast off the y2k issue as strictly a computer glitch that would be figured out by the gurus in the computer realm who are trained to handled such emergencies. What I did not factor in was the social implications to me personally, as I and everyone I know is co-dependent on systems, that are based on technology, coprocessors, lines of code and software elements that are all subject to the y2k problem. The realities of y2k challenge me to think about my basic survival issues. I live in a cold climate and depend on electricity to turn on a propane furnace, the water pump to bring water into my house, the electric/ electronic pumps to get fuel into my car so I can drive down the mountain to buy supplies or work. As I started to realize the dependencies I have on modern society, I awakened to the larger role I have personally for my own well-being. I also began to see my life from the coaching perspective and realized my role, as a source of information to others who have no idea what to do.

I am very concerned that many in our society are in denial and are unwilling to look at their personal responsibility in preparing for partial or complete societal interruption or collapse. I have committed my coaching skills to be a voice in the national economy to get people to think about their basic needs and do the baby steps to take care of their basic needs of food, water, and heat. I now provide coaching services to coach people to assess what they need to do to prepare and get into action Now to take those actions that will support them if we experience the challenges that have been predicted.

I am now providing a free tele-bridge conference on Wednesdays @ 7PM MST. Contact me, I'll get you connected with the phone number. I and Jyoti Wind of Boulder are teaming up to provide education and information about the issues and how to prepare. I will provide extra coaching groups that will be focus groups working together week by week to work through the steps of preparation. Visit my web site under the links and learn for yourself, educate others and attend the free call. The Y2K issue is Not a problem that will hit on Jan. 1, 2000, it is already happening and the whole year of 1999 we will be experiencing some of the effects of the computer problem.

I challenge you to take the time to get educated about the issue and take some baby steps: store some water, provide some alternative sources of heat to cook and keep you and your family warm, put some food into storage, store some basic supplies and think through your dependencies on all of the systems to determine how you can begin to prepare yourself. Life is always open to change, but even the y2k programmers in the computer industry are in fear about the loss of basic utilities and services. Take a proactive role for you, your family and your community. Make a plan and begin now to take action on that plan. A little bit of preparation and forethought is better than denial and panic after the fact. I send you thoughts of well-being and inspiration.


All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Noah's ARK!
1. Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
2. Stay fit. When you're 600 years old, someone might ask you to do something REALLY Big.
3. Don't listen to critics---do what has to be done.
4. Build on high ground.
5. For safety's sake, travel in pairs.
6. Two heads are better than one.
7. Speed isn't always an advantage. The cheetahs were on board, but so were the snails.
8. If you can't fight or flee---float!
9. Take care of your animals as if they were the last ones on earth.
10. Don't forget that we're all in the same boat.
11. When the doo-doo gets really deep, don't sit there and complain-shovel!
12. Stay below deck during the storm!
13. Remember that the ark was built by amateurs and the Titanic was built by professionals.
14. If you have to start over, have a friend by your side.
15. Remember that the woodpeckers INSIDE are often a bigger threat than the the storm outside.
16. Don't miss the boat.
17. No matter how bleak it looks, there's always a rainbow on the other side.

Posted from Mikey's Funnies

Lighten Up!

Yeltsin, Clinton and Bill Gates were invited to have dinner with God. During dinner He told them: I need three important people to send my message out to all people: Tomorrow I will destroy the earth"

Yeltsin immediately called together his cabinet and told them: "I have two really bad news items for you: 1)God really exists and 2) tomorrow He will destroy the earth."

Clinton called an emergency meeting of the Senate and Congress and told them: "I have good news and bad news: 1)The Good news is that God really does exist and the bad news is, tomorrow He is going to destroy the earth."

Bill Gates went back to Microsoft and very happily announced: "I have two fantastic announcements: 1)I am one of the three most important people on the earth 2) The Year 2000 problem is solved."

(sent by Jenny Hoover)

Failure is always a safe, familiar, no-risk refuge, a known experience; it focuses on new of testing responsibilities upon one. Success, on the other hand, is unknown territory and a high-risk business; the very life-style it imposes is full of relentless demands for even better performances and achievements. anon

Have a great month!

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