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You can program out the lower desires and start placing higher ideals in front of you. Your mechanisms for success will start pulling you right into the ideal. You can just assume you're going to reach it-because if that's what you keep in front of you, you will. * John-Roger


"While still a kitten, all fluff and buzzes, Pete had worked out a simple philosophy. I was in charge of quarters, rations and weather; he was in charge of everything else. But he held me especially responsible for weather. ...regularly that winter, Pete would check his own door, refuse to go out because of that unpleasant white stuff beyond it ...then badger me to open a people door.

He had a fixed conviction that at least one of them must lead into summer weather. Each time this meant that I had to go around with him to each of the eleven doors, hold it open while he satisfied himself that it was winter out that way, too, then go on to the next door, while his criticisms of my mismanagement grew more bitter with each disappointment.... [Eventually he would go out,] But he never gave up his search for the Door Into Summer."
(from: The Door Into Summer - Robert A. Heinlein)

~Special thanks to Daniel Megow Pastor of: "The Church Within"

COACHES NOTES ~ Holding the Vision for 1999 and Beyond

Well, here we are, days away from stepping into 1999! What is different about this particular threshold is that we are going to go through some pretty amazing shifts next year, with or without our permission. But, the vision we hold for ourselves and our lives will either empower us, or create chaos through this next evolution. The changes are all about choosing where we want to stand in relationship to the transitions in our lives that are imminent.

In 1999 and beyond, individuals, businesses and organizations will be faced with the "tearing" away of the facades or illusions they have hid behind. As people we will no longer be able to be in the fear or shadow side, with our half-truths. Instead we will need to be in our truth, integrity and have a willingness to shed the aspects of the self that are based in anything outside of the self. If you are holding onto any belief that another has cast upon you; "what others believe about you", instead of your own belief, these beliefs will be either torn away or shed. Additionally, all aspects that you have judged as good/bad will be ripped away, since it is also true that judgement keeps you from knowing yourself and misuses your energy.

1999 is a time to purge old beliefs, release ourselves and our businesses from old, limiting patterns and step into a new place of empowered choice. We no longer "have to" be in fear, chaos or resistance! We can shed our old skins and release ourselves from the self-limiting behaviors that have blocked us, or kept us from attaining our true potential, independent of the beliefs of the ideas of other people that do not resonate for us personally.

Besides the "shedding" and "purging of our old ways in the world," we also have a huge responsibility to ourselves to hold the new vision for our lives and our world. We need to decide and choose what we now desire in our lives and make the vision really clear. Draw it, describe it, speak it and determine the vision, but do everything now, so you know what you are attracting. Then decide you will absolutely express yourself according to this new vision. Anytime you find yourself acting, speaking or being in a way that does not resonate with your new vision hold yourself accountable and refocus. You may need to actually stop and rewind (kind of like a tape player) and do your life differently. The time for self-responsibility and accountability is Now! In every moment choose your life experiences according to your own self Ė vision and do the steps to keep yourself in step with your new place in the world. Here are some tools you can use now to establish your vision and start bringing your new life into form now.

  1. Define the vision, energetically, materially, physically, spiritually. Make your vision very clear for you.
  2. Decide what it is going to take for you to have this vision in your life now. Do not get caught up in the lack process or fear, but know that as you desire it your vision will be yours, independently of how far away it looks in this moment.
  3. Begin taking action on these steps and living with the reality of this being present in your life right now. Hold onto your vision, no matter what anyone says.
  4. Live, breathe and be your vision in every momentÖ before you know it, you will be living your vision.

Celebrating living the new vision in your life!

Love & Life


P.S. e.mail me if you need support to do this for yourself & please donít procrastinate!

Lighten Up! "Things learned over the years!!"

  1. Never cut your own hair.
  2. Be yourself. People may not like the real you, but they will like the fake you even less.
  3. Forget just about everything you ever learned in school. Most of it is completely useless in the real world, and several years after youíve graduated itís all been declared wrong anyway.
  4. Make good use of your free time. Youíll have a lot less of it than you think.
  5. Respect the beliefs of others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
  6. If youíre a singles hitter, donít swing for the fences.
  7. When in doubt, throw it out.
  8. Listen attentively to the advice of others; then immediately forget it.
  9. Donít be proud of your vices, theyíll get you in the end. Gluttonly, envy, sloth, drinking, and smoking too much; they donít call them deadly sins for nothing.
  10. Be prepared to pay the piper.
  11. Donít laugh at how queer old people act; someday you may be one.
  12. Do not covet your neighbors wife. No matter how temptingónothing good will come of this.
  13. Always act like you know what youíre doing, even when you donít.
  14. Keep your nose to the grindstone and all youíll get is a nose full of grindstone.
  15. Unless you make money from it donít take music too seriously, especially country music.
  16. Everything isnít worth fighting for.

~ Special thanks to Jenny Hoover for continuing to send me humor and thoughts of inspriation.

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Becky Haugen in sharing with you the level of self-responsibility we all need to take
in the days to come. The hosts will support you through issues of ...

  • What you need to know about the Year 2000 Technology issues
  • Creating safety in times of change and uncertainty
  • Focusing your limited time and resources
  • Initiating self-responsibility and supporting for your community NOW

Join Guest Host Jyoti Wind & Coach Becky Haugen and learn how you can increase
your level of preparation for the days ahead. Learn how you can take steps now to
avoid the fear and chaos of societal change & technological breakdown.
Class is limited to 20 participants per week. E.mail now to assure your place in
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Failure is always a safe, familiar, no-risk refuge, a known experience;

it focuses on new of testing responsibilities upon one. Success, on the other
hand, is unknown territory and a high-risk business; the very life-style it
imposes is full of relentless demands for even better performances and
achievements. Anon

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