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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one. - Mark Twain

Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he isn't, and a sense of humor to console him for what he is . . . - Author Unknown


Perhaps in the greater scheme of things we believe that we can do everything ourselves. You know the feeling. You have all the talent and skill to handle the accounting, marketing, web development, business development, sales, customer service, et al. Before you know it your entire day is spent and you have what feels like 'nothing to show' for those long hours and diligent business activities.

When we work in our business (or career) we can do it all. We can do everything by ourselves without the support of anyone else. Of course, that is the hard way to do it. We mistakenly trick ourselves into thinking we must carry the entire load of responsibilities by ourselves or we are weak, incompetent or somehow missing some vital piece that 'should' be there. In fact, we do need help. We need lots of help to do the work that we are not so good at and focus on the work we are great at. We need to refocus our attention back onto what is the most important aspect of our business by only doing those tasks that create the outcomes we desire. Think about it. Does it make sense for the CEO to be hand typing a memo when he really needs to be out with a client and developing the contacts for future business? And yet it is exactly this kind of 'trying to do it all ourselves' that prevents businesses from fulfilling their greatness.

As you work in your business why not hand off one thing to a professional to do for you and take that same amount of time and do one thing to develop your vision, fulfill a business agreement or establish a new business model that will bring you greater success and revenue streams.

We have the opportunity and the responsibility to do the right things in our businesses. With that opportunity is the recognition of how valuable your time is and what the right actions are, that will get you to your desired outcome(s).

If you could do one thing to make your business or career more profitable, what would that be? Write it down in your day planner. Commit the time and complete that action today. When you have completed that action, write down another until you find yourself doing all of the right things and letting other professionals handle the other details that only take up your valuable time. It only takes a minute to form a great new habit and achieve greater levels of success. Start today by doing the actions that really make sense for your business in the larger scheme of things!

Love & Life,

Brainstorming for Business Creativity and Innovation  

During the last several years it has become apparent that many companies and entrepreneurs are striving less to be creative in their business ventures. This has
been caused by several factors, one of which is perceived or actual lack of time. Michael Gerber points out in his book "The E-Myth" that many business owners/CEO's spend so much time working IN their business that they fail to work ON their business.

Every business has an abundance of creativity at the onset of the project. As we get busy in the daily operation of our businesses, we have many great ideas, but sometimes lack the focus to implement.

Why do companies need to continually create and innovate in their business? Tom Kelly of IDEO in his book "The Art of Innovation" says it best, "No matter how big your company is, somewhere in a garage out there is an entrepreneur molding a bullet with your company's name on it." Your company needs to innovate to stay ahead of the competition and remain or become the leader in your field. With the support of professional business visionaries you can:

* create new and exciting ideas for implementation for your company
* get the creative juices flowing within your group
* brainstorm existing ideas or creatively generate new ideas
* develop your business, marketing or strategic action plans for your business or special project
* develop revenue streams to meet the demands of financial backers or venture capitalists
* act as an advisory board of consultants
* support the business owner and/or the venture capitalist to develop a profitable business entity

If you are spending too many hours in your business and not on your business perhaps it is time to use the expertise of a business strategist or coach. The time for innovation is before the bullet with your company's name on it arrives! Innovate, brainstorm and strategize today to build the business that matches your vision. ~Contributed by Rick Allen, Brain-Trusts Strategist~


Stands for "Waste of Money, Brains and Time".

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Any weekday direct airline flight between another U.S. city and San Jose, California. These flights are typically over-populated with engineers and technical types, so a good amount of job seeking and rumor-milling occurs during each run.

WALDO: A demo given with great showmanship for a product with little innovation or creativity.

TRIORITY: The three things your manager would have you do at once.

TEAM PLAYER: An engineer with no backbone who says "yes" to everything. Can also mean someone who gets in early and makes coffee for everyone else. The latter definition is definitely more desirable.

THINK TIME: This is what operators make use of when they get an "idle event". This most normally occurs during a long compile or a slow network connection.

SNEAKERNET: When data is transferred between workstations by copying it to a floppy and walking it to the intended workstation instead of using the LAN.

Source: http://www.witandwisdom.org ~Author Unknown


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Building businesses ONE IDEA at a time!

Brain Trusts works with companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to improve their existing business or develop new ideas. Do you have a business that could use new products or services, new actions or attitudes? Brain Trusts can help you innovate new ways to increase your market share. Brain-Trusts specializes in working with developing / start-up companies. Visit us at http://brain-trusts.com/ for information on working with your start-up business.

Are you an individual with a business idea, but do not know where to start? Brain-Trusts can assist you in developing your business plan and focus, helping you to attain your dream. If you have the dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but don't have a clear vision of what your passion is Brain Trusts has over 30 business ideas available for the right individual or company to create. For innovative ideas and new strategies for your existing or envisioned business contact us at

Rick Allen   Voice 303 823-0374   email  or on the web http://brain-trusts.com   Building businesses one idea at a time


Bring your level of life balance, spiritual growth and self-understanding to a higher level. Coaching provides the support for your highest and best self. Hiring a coach can be fun, inspiring and bring out your best. Call today to discuss what Success Coach, Becky Haugen can do with your greatest aspirations.

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Failure is always a safe, familiar, no-risk refuge, a known experience it focuses on new of testing responsibilities upon one. Success, on the other hand, is unknown territory and a high-risk business; the very life-style it imposes is full of relentless demands for even better performances and achievements. Anon

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